Les Sept doigts de la main premiering in the métro!

Press release

Montréal, January 28, 2010 The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and La TOHU are pleased to join forces to present an exclusive, original and free show on February 1 at 12:15 p.m. at the Berri-UQAM station.

The STM is closely linked to the quality of urban life of Montrealers. The creative expression of our artists is a major component of our identity, and this is why we are getting more and more closely involved with the Montréal cultural community.

“This additional foray by the STM into the cultural world is designed to forge links with the artistic milieu so as to offer its clients even more quality shows and enhance the public transit experience,” stated Mr. Michel Labrecque, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Société.

“Our role, among other things, is to be a part of bringing art to the masses and making it accessible to the average citizen by providing free cultural space in a location that consistently attracts a large number of Montrealers and tourists. To that end, The 7 Fingers, in collaboration with La TOHU and the STM, is presenting a free performance of excerpts from Psy, their most recent undertaking,” added Mr. Labrecque.

Psy, the completely new creation of The 7 Fingers collective, marries the acrobatics of the body with the acrobatics of the mind and soul. It celebrates the courage and power that lies within us by allowing us to overcome our fears and play down our neuroses so as to reach beyond our limits and take flight!

As a preview of the complete show that opens at La TOHU on February 16, the event at the Berri-UQAM station is a must!

For more information, simply visit the site www.tohu.ca (Will open in new window)"> www.tohu.ca


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