Montreal, 28 October 2002 ; Starting Monday, November 4, 2002, the STM will implement a route change on the 219 ; Chemin Sainte-Ma

Press release

Public transportation improvements in the L’�Zle-Bizard/
Sainte-Genevi�ve/Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue borough

Montreal, 28 October 2002 – Starting Monday, November 4, 2002, the STM will implement a route change on the 219 – Chemin Sainte-Marie bus line, in a effort to better meet with the public transit needs of employees working for EMS Technologies.

Created in January 2001, the 219 bus line was designed to provide transportation to Baie d’Urf�’s industrial park and surrounding areas. However, EMS Technologies’ location west of Meloche Street made it impractical for their 750 employees, since the bus route was over a kilometre away. Now, buses will drive by the EMS Technologies building during morning and afternoon rush hour, providing a direct link with both Fairview terminus and Baie d’Urf� train station. This latest route modification is not only an improvement; it makes the STM’s transit services accessible to more people.

New Taxibus Service for L'�Zle-Bizard
In addition, beginning Tuesday, November 12, 2002, the STM will offer a new public Taxibus service to L’�Zle-Bizard commuters.

Currently, only the island’s central area is being served by the 207 – Jacques-Bizard and 265 – Trainbus �Zle-Bizard bus routes. Since studies have shown that street facilities in the south and southeast sectors could not accommodate bus circulation, public taxi service became the option of choice.

Four trips will be available, Monday to Friday, during morning and afternoon rush hour. In the morning, the 9-km trip will take residents of these sectors to the 265 – Trainbus �Zle-Bizard bus terminus. The four afternoon trips will leave from the bus terminus, facing 320 Chevremont Street, for the commute home. Trips are scheduled to meet with Trainbus departures and arrivals. Passengers must reserve their trip at least one hour ahead of time, by calling the Coop�rative des propri�taires de taxi de l’ouest métropolitain at (514) 636-6666, and produce a valid CAM or TRAM pass, STM ticket or bus transfer (no cash).

According to borough councillor Jacques Cardinal, " Implementing such measures is definitely good news for L’�Zle-Bizard/Sainte-Genevi�ve/Sainte-Anne-
de-Bellevue residents. The 219 bus route extension and the introduction of a public taxi service, in response to numerous citizens’ requests, are significant improvements to public transportation within our borough. "