Montréal, June 5, 1997 - The métro turned 30 on October 14 of this year. Because of the ageing and wear on its facilities and in or

Press release

The STCUM Launches its RÉNO-MÉTRO 1997 Program

Montréal, June 5, 1997 - The métro turned 30 on October 14 of this year. Because of the ageing and wear on its facilities and in order to properly maintain this collective patrimony evaluated at close to 4 billion dollars, the STCUM is undertaking several major renovations. Grouped under the RÉNO-MÉTRO banner, this work will include the renovation of the 26 stations that made up the initial network, the repair of tunnels on line 1-green and the replacement of the first-generation Westinghouse escalators. 45 stations will be affected and the estimated cost of the work is close to 100 million dollars.

It is thanks to the financial support of the ministère des Transports du Québec and of the Agence métropolitaine de transport that the STCUM can undertake the largest renovation program in its history. The main objectives of this program are the proper maintenance of the properties, the installation of terminals and waiting areas, the improvement of access to the regular network and freshening up the stations. These renovations will cost 60 million dollars, half of which to be paid by the MTQ and the other half divided equally between the AMT and the STCUM.

Start of renovations

Work will begin at the Rosemont Station on June 23 and continue until November 28, 1997. It will consist in weatherproofing the roof of the vault, restoring some structural elements such as wall surfaces, stairs and entrance floor. Drainage, wiring and electrical work as well as the replacement of the girder supporting the escalator are also included in the project. Although this station will remain open, the escalators will be out of service for a two-month period this summer. Customers will have to use the stairs or the special shuttle bus service between Rosemont and Beaubien stations, available every day between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm.

The Métro's Control Centre will also be undergoing a makeover as of June. Next on the list will be the Saint-Laurent and Place-des-Arts métro stations in August, Berri-UQAM, ële Sainte-Hélène and Longueuil in September, Peel, Crémazie and Henri-Bourassa in October.

Tunnel work to continue

The repair work on the tunnels begun in 1991 will continue in 1997-1998. It will start up again on September 7 on line 1-green, on Sundays only, and will end in late November. The Atwater-Frontenac stretch will be closed during this period. To make up for this situation, the STCUM will set up a special shuttle bus service between the closed stations. Cost of renovations in 1997: $320,000.

Replacement of escalators

Up until the year 2001, the STCUM will be replacing the 79 first-generation Westinghouse escalators that were installed some twenty years ago in 19 métro stations. Since it is become increasingly expensive and difficult to repair them and that they require more frequent maintenance, the STCUM has decided to replace them since this becomes more economical in the long term. Work will begin in September at the Préfontaine station (line 1-green), which will require the closing of its north entrance for a few weeks. The new escalator is expected to be put into service in early 1998. Cost of the work: 35 million dollars of which 24 million dollars will be paid by the ministère des Transports du Québec.

An effective communications plan

To carry off such a large-scale project, the STCUM is relying on an effective communications plan. Various information tools intended for customers and residents of the affected sectors will be used, such as the Info-Réno telephone information line (280-7474), in service as of June 16. It will be accessible at all times to customers wanting additional information.