STM 2020 generosity campaign ends in success


STM employees and retirees once again showed incredible generosity during the annual fundraising campaign.

On February 18, the STM proudly unveiled the results of its 2020-2021 generosity campaign to the four charitable organizations supported by this year’s donations.

In a show of solidarity, the campaign raised a grand total of $653,415 in donations from 2952 STM employees and 1107 retirees. The contributions to each organization are as follows: $268,472 to Réchaud-Bus, $131,964 to Centraide, $159,162 to the Red Cross and $93,969 to PartenaireSanté-Québec.

STM employees and retirees showed incredible generosity this year, despite the circumstances of the pandemic, donating approximately $40,000 more than last year.

Touching testimonials

In these uncertain times, Centraide, the Red Cross, Réchaud-Bus and PartenaireSanté-Québec have all had to get creative and reinvent themselves to meet the growing need for help.

One way the Red Cross did this was by setting up a mobile hospital to support the Hôpital de LaSalle, as well as recruiting and training 900 people to work in retirement homes. Réchaud-Bus, which normally focuses its efforts on children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, pivoted to helping people experiencing homelessness while schools were closed. Meanwhile, Centraide created an emergency fund to support the community in this time of crisis, helping people obtain food, mental health support, help for seniors, and volunteer support. And PartenaireSanté-Québec provided psychological counselling and support for people with illnesses who are more vulnerable to COVID-19.

The STM wishes to thank everyone whose actions, big or small, contributed to this wave of collective generosity.

Supported organizations in action