The STM supports Ville de Montréal’s policy on children by offering transit fares


The STM is proud to support Ville de Montréal’s Policy on children, by offering transit fares.

As announced this morning by Montréal Mayor Valérie Plante, the STM, in conjunction with the ARTM, is proud to support Ville de Montréal’s policy on children, with a transit fare donation agreement.

The STM is committed to support Montréal by offering transit fares that will be distributed to schools, day camps and selected organizations that work with underprivileged youth aged 6 to 17. The goal is to provide easy access to various extracurricular, sports and cultural activities.

The specific mechanism for requesting fares will be announced in the coming weeks and will be overseen by a target organization.

At the end of this five-year agreement, more than $6 million in transit fares will have been offered to young people. 

This joint initiative helps make public transportation more accessible to underprivileged youth in a targeted manner, facilitating outings and activities that have a favourable impact on the development of their full potential.

This is excellent news for many young Montrealers and will also help increase the use of public transit.