During the summer season, buses and bikes often find themselves together on the road. As such, we must share roadways through mutual collaboration and courtesy.

Here are a few tips for sharing the road safely


Signal your intentions

Cyclists must clearly indicate the direction they want to take or maneuver they are planning. Bus drivers can then anticipate their movements and prepare accordingly. 


Stop at bus stops and stay behind the bus

  • When a bus is at a stop or red light, cyclists must stay behind it and not pass on either the left or the right.
  • If a cyclist is next to a bus at a red light, he or she must position themselves to be clearly seen by the bus driver. When the light turns green, it is more prudent to let the bus go first. That way, cyclists can avoid close encounters in tight spaces.
  • Cyclists should never overtake a bus from the right (sidewalk side), as the bus can stop at any time to let passengers on or off. This will help prevent accidents.


Make eye contact

  • When overtaking or crossing paths, it is crucial that cyclists make eye contact with the bus driver to ensure they were clearly seen.
  • Buses have blind spots at the front, the rear and on both sides. Bus drivers cannot see everything, everywhere, all at once. Therefore, it is important that cyclists stay at a safe distance from the bus to remain visible at all time and to avoid finding themselves in a blind spot.


Pay attention to pedestrians who must cross the bicycle path to catch their bus

In some specific locations, pedestrians must cross the bicycle path to reach their bus stop. For everyone’s safety, please comply with the following guidelines:

  • Pedestrian crossings are identified by wide yellow road markings, giving pedestrians priority over cyclists.
  • It is recommended that cyclists slow down or even come to a full stop to yield to pedestrians.
  • It is important to indicate your presence to make sure pedestrians clearly see you.


Stay to the right

Cyclists must stay as close as possible to the curb or right-hand side of the road and always travel in the same direction as traffic, while watching out for potholes and opening car doors.


Do not ride your bike in bus loops and terminuses

For reasons of safety, cyclists should walk next to their bicycle around bus loops and terminuses. They should never be riding their bicycle in areas where passengers transfer between buses.

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