Travelling alone at night

For your safety, in the evening and at night

The Between Stops service is now offered to all customers who are travelling alone or with a child.

  • Travel on our bus network year-round, from 7:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.

Using the Between stops service

To use the Between Stops service, simply let the bus driver know where you would like to get off. The driver will determine if it is possible to stop and inform you of any potential obstructions so that you can exit the bus safely. These obstructions can be anything from street level exiting, the wide gap between the sidewalk and the bus even when the floor is lowered and the presence of bike lanes or street furniture.

Texte important

Universal access

For people in wheelchairs, the driver must ensure that the area where you want to get off is safe by deploying the ramp on the sidewalk.

Learn more about the service

This service is not available on express lines and shuttles to limit impacts on the timeliness of service deliveryor on the Pie-IX BRT due to the configuration of the route.

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