Universal accessibility

Universal accessibility

To make the métro network accessible to all, we are doubling, even tripling, the pace of elevator installation at stations. Originally, our métro stations were not designed to be equipped with elevators, as the vision was different back then.

Today, more than 50 years later, we want to improve universal accessibility for everyone, including customers with functional limitations, seniors, parents with strollers and travellers.

 Click on this link to see which stations are already accessible.

A bold move to create a more accessible city for everyone

We are committed to integrating universal accessibility into our decision-making process and our projects.

Universal accessibility means that everyone can properly access, navigate and get around the métro station and make full use of all services offered to the public.

Stations under construction

Our teams have to integrate elevators where there was originally no space for them while minimizing the impact on service as much as possible. Although this is a major challenge, several elevators are currently being integrated across the network. Find out more below.

Elevator integration projects are currently underway in these stations:



Texte important

A number of resources are available concerning elevators in the network:


How do we decide what stations will become accessible?

A number of criteria influence the order in which stations undergo accessibility work so we can maximize the allocated budget.

  • Stations with “low” technical complexity are prioritized. These are shorter-term construction sites and cost less. The result is an increase in accessible stations.
  • The geographic distribution of the stations in the system requires special attention to ensure equal service to the different Montréal neighbourhoods.
  • Transfer and terminus stations are also prioritized due to their strategic positions.
  • The proximity to schools, healthcare institutions and inter-city bus terminals is also taken into consideration.
  • The opportunity to pair an elevator installation project with another infrastructure project is also considered, if the station in question fulfils other criteria.
  • Adding elevators inside stations that were not designed for them to begin with poses quite a challenge. Sometimes we have to acquire new land, modify zoning, expand existing buildings, refit equipment, and more.

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Accessibility in photos

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