A greener bus fleet

More than 730 hybrid buses have been running in our city streets

Since the arrival of these new buses in 2016, our target of having a fleet of mostly hybrid buses has been officially launched, whereby also paving the way for electrification of the surface transit system. Recent announcements accelerate pace.

Hybrid buses constitute about 38 % of our bus fleet. Thus, approximately 1 in 4 vehicles is available for service is a hybrid ! According to projections that take into account the service life of buses, their amortization period and vehicle turnover, our fleet of city buses should be free of diesel buses by 2029.

300 more hybrid buses are coming soon

In 2020 and 2021, we will receive 300 new hybrid buses. How did we find the space to store and maintain the new buses? Find out here.

The advantages of hybrid buses

Up to 30% in fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions


More comfortable thanks to
smoother handling on the road



Depending on bus configuration:

Air conditioning
set for 23°C

USB port

Improved visibility outside with flush-windows on buses

Second reserved area for clients in wheelchair

Complete overhaul of indoor and outdoor signage, matching the métro’s new signage.

Quite a challenge for Mont-Royal bus garage

The first hybrid bus discretely moved into the Mont-Royal bus garage on March 30, 2016, fresh off the assembly line at the Nova Bus plant in Saint-Eustache.

Now that’s a decades-long leap forward for the old bus garage, as it just celebrated 90 years of service. The arrival of the newest-generation vehicle, with its battery case on the roof, required specific installations, like increasing the height of air ducts and overhead lights, even the addition of two life lines, making it possible for employees to walk on the roof of the bus and perform maintenance duties safely.

A leap forward, measured in decades, for the old bus garage that just marked 90 years of service.


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