The STM’s Sustainable Development Timeline

The STM’s Sustainable Development Timeline

The STM’s sustainable development commitment is formally expressed in its Corporate Policy on Sustainable Development adopted in 2010 and its Sustainable Development Plan 2020 adopted in 2013. The Plan follows up on the Sustainable Development Action Plan 2007−2011 and ties in with the Strategic Plan 2020, one of whose six priorities is to place sustainable development at the centre of all the STM’s decisions.


Signatory of pledge to UITP Sustainable Development Charter

2006 et 2007

Sustainable development included in our mission and the Plan d’affaires 2007−2011 (business plan)


  • Sustainable Development Committee established
  • Sustainable Development Action Plan 2007−2011


First Sustainable Development Report (2008)


  • Corporate Policy on Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development Report 2009


Sustainable Development Report 2010


  • Strategic Plan 2020
  • Sustainable Development Report 2011


  • Sustainable Development Plan 2020
  • Signing of APTA Sustainability Commitment
  • Sustainable Development Report 2012


  • Sector guideline on sustainable procurement
  • Gold Level achieved in APTA Sustainability Commitment
  • Signing of the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Occupation du territoire declaration of commitment to public purchasing from social enterprises
  • Participation in the UITP Declaration on Climate Leadership produced at the UN Climate Summit
  • Sustainable Development Report 2013


  • Sustainable Development Report 2014
  • New Sustainable development corporate policy

The STM has also made a number of external commitments:

  • It is an active, involved partner in the 2010−2015 sustainable development plan for the Montréal community.
  • It is a partner in Montréal’s Transportation Plan and the Montréal Development Plan, “Montréal for Tomorrow.”
  • It provides major support for the sustainable development committee of the Association du transport urbain du Québec (ATUQ).
  • It is a contributor to and board member of the Espace québécois de concertation sur les pratiques d’approvisionnement responsable (ECPAR).
  • It is a member of the UITP and APTA sustainable development committees.
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