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At the very core of our values

As the 15th largest company in Québec handling more than one million passenger rides on the bus and métro system each day, the STM plays an important socio-economic role in the everyday life of Montrealers. But did you know that the STM social commitment also ranks high among its corporate values?

Texte important

Since 1962, employees and retirees have been involved in the community on a volunteer basis.

A major endeavour, propelled by hope

Financial support to four non-profit organizations

A fundraising drive is held each year by volunteers in all company work places, for the benefit of groups supported by the STM. As part of a vast generosity campaign, all employees are asked to donate a fraction of their paycheque to help support these organizations.

The four are Centraide, tackling poverty and social exclusion, HealthPartners-Québec, working to eradicate sixteen chronic diseases, the Red Cross, helping disaster victims, and the  Réchaud-Bus, an STM bus converted into a mobile canteen that travels to different areas of the city to feed children in need.

In 2022, the employees’ generosity campaign made it possible to donate $677 592 to these four organizations.

Such a wave of solidarity could not be accomplished without the involvement of employees and retirees who tirelessly volunteer for this good cause. Indeed, no donations, either of money or transit fares, are made by the STM, as a public body.

To learn more about services available to non-profit organizations and business enterprises, please read the FAQ section below. 

On a daily basis

Reaching out to the homeless

The STM works closely with two social rehabilitation groups, the SDSVMand Accueil Bonneau, to improve its outreach to homeless persons who wander in some metro stations and provide them with access to appropriate resources, such as shelters, hospitals, day centres, and psychiatric services.

Reaching out to people in distress

In association with Suicide Action Montréal, the STM informs people about the tools available regarding suicide prevention.

For more than 30 years, SAM offers support and help for people in distress as well as for their entourage.

If you feel the need to reach out for help, you can contact Suicide Action Montréal's confidential service at any time by calling 1 866 277-3552.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mutual aid

No. the STM is a public corporation that does not take part in any benefit events, nor does it provide support to any organization other than those it has sponsored for many years. Also, no sollicitation of employees is allowed or authorized.

Soliciting money in the métro for charitable or humanitarian purposes may be permitted under certain conditions.

For sollicitations of a commercial nature, go to Transgesco's website.

No. The STM never makes fare cards donations.

See our fare offer in the section below.

Fare offers

STM fares apply to all, regardless, but a number of options are available to you.

Organizations and businesses

You are organizing a convention, business meeting or a major event and you would like to offer to your participants a sustainable solution to their transportation needs?

Visit our Business Zone

Group fares

The group fare provides one-way passage for one (1) adult with a maximum of 10 children 6 to 13 years old. The group must remain together for duration of trip.

Fare program for children

The Family Outings program is in effect at all times and allows up to five children aged 11 and under to ride public transit for free when accompanied by a person aged 14 or older who is supervising them. Learn more about the Family Outings program.

MERCI rewards program

Exclusive benefits for long-time public transit users.

Fare subscriptions

Find out more about the advantages for both employers and employees… Head’s up to all HR managers

See all offers

Would you like to provide STM customers with an exclusive discount at your venue, business or event? Go to our Business Zone.

STM vehicles

The STM does not lend its vehicles. However, these can be:

  • Rented

You can rent an STM bus.

  • Donated

Vehicles no longer used for service and being disposed of can, exceptionally, be donated. However, only requests received from charitable groups and museums will be considered – Putting in a request.

  • Sold

The STM also sells its minibuses and service vehicles through the Centre d'acquisitions gouvernementales (French only)  with public auctions open to individuals and companies. As for buses, they are sold in lots by the STM through public tenders.

  • School / Day camp shuttle service

Transportation service for day camps and schools is only offered if resources exceed operational requirements. Please read our Advice for group travel and our fare chart

Activities in the métro system

Activities, movie and photo shoots, media requests…  for everyone’s safety, access to buses and the metro is subject to regulations.

For any questions of a commercial nature, please read the Business Zone section of our website.

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