Square-Victoria–OACI (Robert Savoie)

Robert Savoie

Kawari Kabuto (1987)

Corten steel
Programme d’intégration des arts à l’architecture du gouvernement du Québec
Location: mezzanine and platforms

On the mezzanine and platforms, the artist has created a series of sweeping curves, balanced through their picture plane. These two murals are named for an ornate 16th-century style of samurai helmet, literally “unique helmet.”

Did you know?

This work was added to the station as part of a revitalization project for Old Montréal carried out by the government of Québec and the City of Montréal.

About the artist

Born in Québec City in 1939, Robert Savoie first learned the art of printmaking before concentrating on engraving and sculpture. His numerous visits to Japan inspired him in creating this work, which required over 200 drafts before the final design.

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Square-Victoria–OACI (Robert Savoie)   Square-Victoria–OACI (Robert Savoie)   Square-Victoria–OACI (Robert Savoie)   Square-Victoria–OACI (Robert Savoie)

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