Jean-Drapeau (Jean Dumontier)

Jean Dumontier

Murals (1967)

Painted concrete
Location: platforms

The four murals on the station’s platforms recall the theme of Expo 67, Man and His World. They represent the Titan Atlas, a character in Greek mythology, condemned by Zeus to hold up the vault of the heavens.

Did you know?

Designed for efficiency and ease of traffic flow, this station welcomed some 60,000 people per hour during Expo 67.

About the artist

Born in Rigaud, architect Jean Dumontier (1935-2018) designed the plans for station Île-Sainte-Hélène and station Longueuil (today Jean-Drapeau and Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke). He later served as director of architecture for the Bureau de transport métropolitain (BTM) for the extensions of the métro during the 1970s and 80s.

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Jean-Drapeau (Jean Dumontier)   Jean-Drapeau (Jean Dumontier)   Jean-Drapeau (Jean Dumontier)   Jean-Drapeau (Jean Dumontier)

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