STM budget update: The STM will be there to meet Montrealer’s transit needs in Fall 2023

Press release

The STM announces that it will be able to provide the bus service offer planned in the 2023 budget and maintain the level of service on the métro.

MONTRÉAL, May 12, 2023 – Following confirmation of increased funding from the ARTM and through internal financial optimization efforts, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) announced today that it will be able to provide the bus service offer planned in the 2023 budget. The level of service on the métro will be maintained, with additional measures to improve safety and cleanliness.

“Thanks to the joint effort of our partners and the STM teams, we can now ensure that we will continue to deliver appealing public transit services that meet the mobility needs of Montrealers,” said Marie-Claude Léonard, CEO of the STM.

When presenting its 2023 budget, the STM said that in the interest of sound management, it would propose an enhanced service offer for 2023, pending confirmation of funding. With the confirmation of additional funding from the ARTM obtained from the provincial government and due to the implementation of a plan to reduce the STM’s expenses combined with savings achieved by optimizing its service offering over the past six months, the STM will be able to close its budget for the year 2023 in a balanced manner. 

Improved service for fall 2023

Given the favourable evolution of its financial framework, the STM has confirmed that it will be able to deliver the planned bus service offer for the coming fall. This will mean adjustments ranging from a few extra departures to more than 30 departures on around 75 lines, compared to fall 2022.

The enhanced métro network service currently in place will be maintained based on the mobility needs identified on the ground, while allowing for operational flexibility in anticipation of large-scale summer events. As announced last week, the STM will implement additional measures to improve safety, cleanliness and the customer experience on the métro.

“We said we’d do it, and we’re doing it. With the funding in place, we be able to provide the service offer as planned for the coming fall,” said Éric Alan Caldwell, Chair of the STM Board of Directors. “As the new ridership patterns stabilize, Montrealers will be able to rely on a strong bus network during rush hour, with frequent service and a better experience in the metro network thanks to the additional safety and maintenance measures implemented.”

“Despite these efforts, significant challenges remain for the years ahead, and we will continue to work with all stakeholders to identify dedicated, indexed and recurrent funding sources to put us on track for the kind of public transit revitalization needed for a green transition,” said Caldwell.

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