STM to issue weekly updates on employees who have contracted COVID-19


The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) wishes to inform the media that from now on it will provide updates on the condition of employees who have received a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis. It will do so in two ways, depending on the level of risk assessed by the Direction de la santé publique (DSP

  1. If the DSP considers that the risk is low, the STM will post an updated weekly report each Friday on employees who have contracted COVID-19, on its website’s coronavirus information page.
  2. If the DSP considers that the risk is higher for certain cases, the STM will issue a press release to provide its clientele with more specific information.

For each confirmed case of an STM employee who has contracted COVID-19, the DSP launches an investigation. Together with the STM, the DSP examines the potential risks of contamination for the affected person’s co-workers and STM clientele. The STM is then responsible for identifying all of the employees who have been in close contact with the employee in question, contacts these people and takes the appropriate measures.

If the investigation concludes that there is no risk for transit users, the STM will disclose only minimal information about the case in its weekly report to protect the employee’s personal information and, by extension, his or her identity.