Before submitting a claim, please read the following information carefully.

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Without prejudice, the following is for information purposes only and has no legal validity.

Physical damage to your vehicle

If physical damage is caused to your vehicle by an STM vehicle (bent fender or broken mirror, for example), you must contact your car insurance company.

Lost object

Under its incorporating Act, the STM is exempt from liability to the owners of property lost inside its buildings or rolling stock. If you have lost an object, refer to the Lost and Found section of this Web site.


If you have been the victim of a crime inside the STM’s buildings or rolling stock, you may contact the CSST office in charge of compensating crime victims (IVAC).

Personal injury aboard an STM vehicle

If you have suffered a personal injury aboard a motor vehicle owned by the STM, you should submit your claim to the Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ). 

Other damages

Even if you have suffered damages inside the buildings or rolling stock of the STM, its employees are not liable for those damages unless a wrong has been committed.

If you believe the STM is liable for your damages, please complete the Claim form and forward it to the Claims department:

  • By mail:
    Secrétariat corporatif et direction – Affaires juridiques - Réclamations

    800 De La Gauchetière Street West, P.O. 2000, Suite 1170 (ground floor)
    Montréal, Quebec H5A 1J6
  • By fax: 514 280-6126
  • By Email :

Report filed by the Montréal police department (SPVM)

If a Montréal police officer filed a report in connection with your claim, you will have to complete an access to information request form to obtain it. Please note that the SPVM will charge for this service.

Send your request for access to information:

  • By mail:

    Service de police de la Ville de Montréal

    1441 St-Urbain Street, 5th floor
    Montréal Quebec H2X 2M6
  • By fax: 514 280-3613
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if a person is acting as an intermediary in your claim, please send us a duly signed power of attorney.

Liability of the STM

The STM is not automatically liable. As soon as your claim is received, a file will be opened and assigned to a member of the STM Claims department for processing.

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