Vendôme (Marcelle Ferron)

Marcelle Ferron

Stained-glass window and sculpture (1981)

Antique stained glass and stainless steel
Location: entrance building

Texte important

Skylight renovation and art restoration

Starting April 11, 2023, worksite partitions will be installed inside and outside the main entrance building of Vendôme station (5160 De Maisonneuve Boulevard West). The partitions will be installed on either side of the building’s western façade.

The partitions will not block access to the station or customer movement. The area is being sectioned off while the skylight is renovated and the artwork is restored and reinstalled. The work should be finished in September 2023.

The artist combined a stained-glass window with a spiral-shaped stainless steel sculpture stretching across the station. The window spreads natural light to the platforms, while the sculpture scatters its endless, changing colours.

Did you know?

Originally, the sculpture was intended to produce sounds from the wind from the movement of the trains, like a huge set of panpipes.

About the artist

Born in Louiseville, Marcelle Ferron (1924-2001) made her artwork accessible by integrating it into the architecture of public buildings. As she said, “My aim has always been modest: to transform the arranged marriage [of art and architecture] into a love match.”

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Vendôme (Marcelle Ferron)   Vendôme (Marcelle Ferron)   Vendôme (Marcelle Ferron)   Vendôme (Marcelle Ferron)

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