Refurbishment work could create a few obstructions for passengers inside this station. Please read the page on this subject in the STM Works section.


Bus transfers

Local and 10-minutes max 17 Décarie North
Local and 10-minutes max 37 Jolicoeur To Angrignon metro station To Vendôme metro station
Local and 10-minutes max 90 Saint-Jacques West East
Local and 10-minutes max 102 Somerled East
Local and 10-minutes max 104 Cavendish West East
Local and 10-minutes max 105 Sherbrooke East
Local and 10-minutes max 124 Victoria North South
All-night 371 Décarie (nuit) North


  • 5160, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, H4A 3S9

Neighbourhood map (PDF)

A little info about your métro station's history

Architects: Desnoyers, Mercure, Leziy, Gagnon & Sheppard; Jean A. Gélinas.

Opened: September 1981.

Origin of name: avenue de Vendôme, a name that refers to one or more of the Counts of Vendôme, several of which played an important role in the history of France.

Did you know? Originally, the name of this station was supposed to be Maisonneuve.

Artwork: Glasswork and sculpture by Marcelle Ferron.


Operating hours

Orange line

Towards Montmorency Towards Côte-Vertu
First Last First Last
Weekdays 05:41 00:41 05:55 01:09
Saturday 05:41 01:11 05:55 01:39
Sunday 05:41 00:41 05:55 01:09

After the last métro, you can use the night bus service.

Frequency of departures

Orange line

From 7am to 9am and from 4pm to 6pm
Morning, day and evening (non-peak)
Week Every 3 to 4 minutes Every 4 to 8 minutes
Week-end Every 6 to 11 minutes
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