Major projects

AZUR Métro

AZUR ventures out into the tunnel for the first time!


iBUS is on its way! Our buses will soon be equipped with an intelligent system that will simplify your life.

Rebuilding Complexe Crémazie

Public information meeting : Thursday, April 27

Bus preferential measures (BPM)

Bus preferential measures (BPM) consist of installations on the road system that ensure priority is given to public transit, thereby improving the reliability and on-time delivery of service, and increasing public transportation’s attractiveness and modal share

Bus network electrification

Mobile network

A mobile network is now up and running in part of the Montréal métro, featuring 3G, 4G and 4G LTE state-of-the-art mobile technologies. You can now browse the Web, watch videos, listen to live music, make and receive phone calls and much more, while travelling inside métro cars, tunnels and stations.

New signage

A family of new signage tools will gradually be deployed in the Montréal métro system. Its purpose is to make it easier for customers to find their way around while using public transit.

Construction of the Côte-Vertu garage

Construction of the Côte-Vertu garage

A Sustainable Reclamation Plan for MR-63 cars

Our MR-63 métro cars have reached the end of their life. We will gradually remove them from service as new AZUR métro cars are delivered. Find out what options are being considered to determine their fate.


A brand new bus garage is in operation since January 6, 2014.The Stinson centre is located in the Saint-Laurent borough between Stinson and Montpellier streets.