New card readers

Card reader testing

We are testing card readers on many articulated buses on lines 45-67-69-121-139-193-197-439-467

If you see that the screen is on, you can tap your OPUS or L’occasionnelle card on the new reader to validate your fare at either the front or the back door. If you are paying with cash or a magnetic fare card, validate your fare as usual, at the front door only.

If this trial goes well, we will gradually activate the new readers on all our buses.

For quicker validation when boarding 

Since May 2019, new card readers are being installed on buses. This new equipment will be put into service gradually this fall.

The new equipment will be used to validate OPUS cards and L’occasionnelle fare cards, while magnetic strip cards and cash fares will be processed as usual via the fare box.

Texte important

The card reader validates whether you have the correct fare on your card to board the bus. More modern and efficient than the card readers integrated into fare collection boxes, the new card readers will read your card twice as fast, which will speed up boarding


For quicker boarding

The new card readers will read your card twice as fast, which will speed up boarding.

For improved accessibility

Universal accessibility will be enhanced through a larger screen, improved audio function and an optimized location.

For all-door boarding

Once the new card readers are activated, boarding via rear doors will still be permitted, under the same conditions. However, payment will no longer be on the honour system. You will have to validate your fare using the new equipment. Customers paying a cash fare or a fare on a magnetic strip card will have to use the front door to board the bus.

For bank card payments

This will be introduced once the technological infrastructure is in place. Until then, only smart cards (OPUS, L’Occasionnelle) will be accepted.

Major phases of the project

May 2019 to November 2020

Installation of card readers on buses. A card reader will be located next to the fare box at the front of each bus. For articulated buses, two additional card readers will be installed at the back, near each door.

Fall 2020

We are currently conducting tests. Card readers are activated to test the software. If the test is conclusive, the card readers will gradually be activated, one sector at a time.

Fall 2020 to Winter 2021

The card readers will gradually be put into service across the entire network.

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