Elevator access to the métro

Using the elevators on the Orange line only

All passengers may use the elevators, particularly those with limited mobility or in a wheelchair.
They are located in 13 metro stations along the Orange line.

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Status of elevator service
You can check the status of elevator service at any time by going to elevator service updates. This information is also available in the banner under the map on our home page.

How to reach the elevators?


  • To have access to elevators, it is necessary that you use the Orange line only.
  • Be advised there are no elevators on the Green, Blue or Yellow line.

Getting around in a wheelchair

Stations with elevators that can be reached from street level. Click on the name of the station to know how to access the elevators of this station.

Bonaventure station is partially accessible, between the ticket counter and train platform levels only. There is no access from street level at this time.

The Honoré-Beaugrand station has currently only one elevator

It links the street level with the mezzanine (ticket booth) and is located in the Honoré-Beaugrand Nord entrance building. The elevators to the métro platforms will be operational by the end of fall 2018. In the meantime, to access the platforms, you will have to use the stairs.

Click here to see the list of the next elevators expected in métro system

Criteria for prioritization

A number of criteria influence the order in which stations undergo accessibility work to maximize the allocated budget.

  • Stations with “low” technical complexity are prioritized. These are shorter-term construction sites and cost less. The result is an increase in accessible stations.
  • The geographic distribution of the stations in the system requires special attention to ensure equal service to the different Montréal neighbourhoods.
  • Transfer and terminus stations are also prioritized due to their strategic positions.
  • The proximity to schools, healthcare institutions and inter-city bus terminals is also taken into consideration.
  • The opportunity to pair an elevator installation project with another infrastructure project is also considered, if the station in question fulfils other criteria.

Adding elevators inside stations that were not designed for them to begin with poses quite a challenge. Sometimes we have to acquire new land, modify zoning, expand existing buildings, refit equipment, and more.

This work is made possible through funding from the MInistry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification.

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