Orange Elevators available

Refurbishment work has created a few obstructions for passengers inside this station. Please read the page on this subject in the STM Works section.


Bus transfers

Local and 10-minutes max 30 Saint-Denis / Saint-Hubert North South
Local and 10-minutes max 31 Saint-Denis South North
Local and 10-minutes max 48 Perras East West
Local and 10-minutes max 49 Maurice-Duplessis East West
Local and 10-minutes max 53 Boulevard Saint-Laurent North South
Local and 10-minutes max 55 Boulevard Saint-Laurent North South
Local and 10-minutes max 56 Saint-Hubert North South
Local and 10-minutes max 69 Gouin East West
Local and 10-minutes max 146 Christophe-Colomb / Meilleur East West
Local and 10-minutes max 164 Dudemaine East West
Local and 10-minutes max 171 Henri-Bourassa East West
All-night 361 Saint-Denis South North
All-night 363 Boulevard Saint-Laurent North South
All-night 380 Henri-Bourassa East West
Express 469 Express Henri-Bourassa West East


  • Sortie Berri : 10670, rue Berri, H3L 2H1
  • Sortie boul. Henri-Bourassa Sud : 590, boul. Henri-Bourassa Est, H2C 1E1
  • Sortie boul. Henri-Bourassa Nord : 575, boul. Henri-Bourassa Est

Neighbourhood map (PDF)

Elevator access to the métro

Access the station from the south corner of Henri-Bourassa and Lajeunesse.

To have access to elevators, it is necessary that you use service on the Orange line only. Be advised there are no elevators on the Green, Blue or Yellow line.

You can check the status of elevator service at any time by going to elevator service updates. This information is also available in the banner under the map on our home page.

More info about using the elevators

List of closed fare booths

Consult the list of stations that summarizes where fare booths are closed and the schedules for fare booths that are open irregular hours.

Parking space for bicycles

Number of bicycle stands available outside the station: 217.  First come, first served.

Before taking our public transit system with your bike, please read the Bicycles section for more info.

A little info about your métro station's history

Architects: Janusz Warunkiewicz (City of Montréal); André Léonard (Bureau de transport métropolitain); Bisson, Fortin & Associés.

Opened: October 1966.

Origin of name: boulevard Henri-Bourassa owes its name to journalist and politician Henri Bourassa (1868-1952), fervent French-Canadian nationalist and founder of the newspaper Le Devoir in 1910.

Did you know? This station served as a terminus for the Orange line from October 1966 to April 2007.

Artworks: mural by a collective of Montreal children, mural by Jacques Huet, murals by André Léonard and murals by Axel Morgenthaler.

Nearby Points of Interest

  • Aréna Ahuntsic : 10560, rue Saint-Hubert
  • Bibliothèque Ahuntsic : 10300, rue Lajeunesse
  • Cégep de Bois-de-Boulogne (bus 164 or 171)
  • Maison de la culture Ahuntsic-Cartierville : 10300, rue Lajeunesse
  • Parc Ahuntsic


Operating hours

Orange line

Towards Montmorency Towards Côte-Vertu
First Last First Last
Weekdays 06:09 01:12 05:29 00:38
Saturday 06:09 01:42 05:29 01:08
Sunday 06:09 01:12 05:29 00:38

After the last métro, you can use the night bus service.

Frequency of departures

Orange line

From 7am to 9am and from 4pm to 6pm
Morning, day and evening (non-peak)
Week Every 2 to 4 minutes Every 4 to 10 minutes
Week-end Every 6 to 12 minutes
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