Mont-Royal (Simon Bilodeau)

Simon Bilodeau

Je reviens chez nous (2022)

Polymer concrete
Programme d'intégration des arts à l'architecture du gouvernement du Québec
Location: inside the East entrance

This mural refers directly to its location, the Plateau-Mont-Royal, and to elements of the artist's plastic vocabulary, which enter into dialogue with the architectural composition of the station. Inspired by the history of the Plateau, it feeds on the themes of exploration and discovery.

Did you know?

The lines in the artwork represent the formation of the limestone subsoil of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, as well as its main axes of development (streets and avenues).

About the artist

Born in Laval in 1981, Simon Bilodeau articulates his artistic approach around the painted image and the space in which it takes place. Sculptures and paintings are thus presented in the same context and are part of the same idea. The universe proposed by the artist is an imagined representation of reality in which he invites the spectator to place himself.

More pictures to come when the artwork is completed.

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