Verdun (Antoine Lamarche)

Antoine Lamarche

Bas-reliefs (1978)

Reeded concrete
Location: throughout the station

The artist’s bas-reliefs create lively rhythms through the upper parts of the station’s concrete walls. A net of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines is integrated into the station’s architecture and decorating scheme, featuring bright yellow fixtures.

Did you know?

The work was created as the concrete was poured for the station’s walls, requiring dozens of plywood moulds.

About the artist

Born in Elbeuf, France in 1939, Antoine Lamarche got his start in architectural sculpture in the workshop of Claude Théberge. Later, turning from the very large to the very small, he moved on to jewellery and goldsmithing.

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Verdun (Antoine Lamarche)   Verdun (Antoine Lamarche)   Verdun (Antoine Lamarche)   Verdun (Antoine Lamarche)

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