Côte-Vertu (Yves Trudeau)

Yves Trudeau

Relief, négatif positif (1986)

Stainless steel
Location: transept

The dynamic surfaces of this mural suggest bare rock faces exposed by a cleft in the earth. The finish on the surfaces’ facets is varied, to create a play of light, shadow, and colour.

Did you know?

Originally, the murals were planned to be much longer and to continue up the walls of the stairwell.

About the artist

Born in Montréal, Yves Trudeau (1930-2017) influenced the history of Québec sculpture both as an artist and as a community leader. In 1960 he co-founded the Association des sculpteurs du Québec, today the Conseil de la sculpture du Québec.

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Côte-Vertu (Yves Trudeau)   Côte-Vertu (Yves Trudeau)   Côte-Vertu (Yves Trudeau)   Côte-Vertu (Yves Trudeau)

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