Champ-de-Mars (Jacques Bilodeau)

Jacques Bilodeau

Un solide (2015)

Brass and painted steel
Programme d'intégration des arts à l'architecture du gouvernement du Québec
Location: entrance building

Somewhere between sculpture and architecture, this work of art embraces its location’s surroundings and history. This prism-shaped assemblage of brass plates catches the light filtering inside and creates a strong contrast against the concrete.

Did you know?

Working with the ambient light, the artist wanted to pay tribute to Marcelle Ferron, who created the station’s stained-glass windows.

About the artist

Born in Garthby, Quebec in 1951, Jacques Bilodeau has been making artistic interventions in buildings since the early 1980s. Alongside this work, he creates installations and sculptures for galleries and public places.

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Champ-de-Mars (Jacques Bilodeau)   Champ-de-Mars (Jacques Bilodeau)   Champ-de-Mars (Jacques Bilodeau)   Champ-de-Mars (Jacques Bilodeau)

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