Service back on the green line between Lionel-Groulx and Frontenac stations

Press release

A team of experts conducted an assessment of the situation for the tunnel vault between Saint-Laurent and Berri-Uqam stations last night. After more than six hours of testing, hammering and observation, the degradation of the concrete is superficial and the integrity of the vault is not questioned.

The work allowed for the removal of surface concrete that could fall off. Consequently, the STM can ensure the safe resumption of service.

As a preventive measure, a metal mesh will be installed over the next few nights to give us time to carry out work.

From 5 am this morning, regular service will resume on the green line and traffic on the boul. De Maisonneuve, between the intersections of Berri and Saint-Laurent streets.

There is no immediate risk in the rest of the network, a plan to inspect the vault structure in the métro tunnels has been underway for the last few years of the entire network and will continue.

We thank our customers for their patience and understanding and our employees for all the hard work.