STM inaugurates Côte-Vertu underground garage

Press release

The STM’s Côte-Vertu underground train garage for the Montréal métro has been officially inaugurated by Emmanuella Lambropoulos, Federal Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent; Chantal Rouleau, Minister for Transport and Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region; Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal; and Marie-Claude Léonard, Interim CEO of the STM.

The new garage adds 10 métro train spaces, balancing out the storage capacity on either end of the Orange line. The infrastructure will enable the STM to boost service on the Orange line by 25% during peak periods and support increased ridership due in part to the ongoing Blue line extension.

As part of the project, three above-ground structures were also built:

  • Two auxiliary structures, one to provide an emergency exit for employees and one to provide access to a mechanical ventilation station
  • One building to provide access to the underground garage and AZUR train maintenance shop

In September, the project earned the STM the Platinum Envision Award, the highest distinction in sustainable development for infrastructure projects. It was the first ever Canadian public transit project to receive this recognition. To mark the accomplishment, the STM unveiled a plaque that will be installed on one of the garage’s entrance buildings.


“Our government wants to create cities where life is good, and this means that residents must have access to convenient, affordable transportation. The brand-new Côte-Vertu garage, which we are inaugurating today, will enable the Société de transport de Montréal to add more métro trains to the Orange line during peak periods, and thereby respond to the increased ridership forecast for the coming years. This excellent development will have a positive impact on the daily lives of the people of Montréal and Saint-Laurent by making their métro trips smoother and more efficient.”

— Emmanuella Lambropoulos, Federal Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent, on behalf of the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities

“Our government is making public transit a priority for the city. It is not only a vital means of transportation but also an important way to reduce traffic in the Greater Montréal area and achieve our greenhouse gas reduction goals. In addition, the Côte-Vertu garage will enhance the Orange line’s frequency, flow and reliability. It is a major win for public transit users. By investing in infrastructures such as this garage and the efficiency gains that they bring, we will continue giving our citizens every reason to take public transit.”

— Chantal Rouleau, Minister for Transport and Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region.

"Montréal has set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. To reach this goal, we must be able to offer the population reliable and efficient alternatives to the use of individual cars. The STM is a major partner in achieving this goal. The achievement of this project is excellent news, as it will ultimately allow us to increase the frequency of the métro on the Orange Line and make this service even more attractive to customers."

— Mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante

“This outstanding achievement is a testament to the STM’s expertise in managing major infrastructure projects. Moreover, the expertise gained and lessons learned from completing this project are directly transferable to the Blue line extension project, which will be a major asset to the project office.”

— Marie-Claude Léonard, Interim CEO of the STM


  • With a $492.3M price tag, this major project was funded by the governments of Quebec and Canada.
  • Work on the garage began in May 2017.
  • The STM stores 25 trains on the eastern branch of the Orange line, at the Henri-Bourassa and Montmorency station garages, and a total of 20 spaces are now available on the western branch in the Côte-Vertu area.
  • The project included installing a track switch ahead of Côte-Vertu station. This will allow the STM to increase train frequency on the Orange line by 25% during peak periods, once ridership goes up enough to warrant it.
  • The project received platinum-level recognition, the highest distinction awarded by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. Envision is the top sustainable development tool in North America for major infrastructure projects.