Blue line extension: A step closer to building the tunnel

Press release

The STM is launching a call for tenders for the construction of the tunnel of the blue line extension.

Montréal, December 5, 2022 – In its role as project manager and principal contractor of the Blue line extension, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is launching a call for tenders for the construction of the tunnel and the preparation of the sites of some future stations and auxiliary structures. This step follows the Request for Qualification of Suppliers issued earlier this year. It is the largest contract to be awarded as part of this major project, which will transform the lives of Montréal’s east end residents. 

The winning bidder will be announced in the second half of 2023 and will be responsible for:

  • The detailed design, supply and operation of the tunnel boring machine
  • The construction of the tunnel between Pie-IX and Anjou West using a tunnel boring machine
  • The construction of the tunnel between Pie-IX and the tail tracks of the current Blue line using conventional tunnelling methods
  • The excavation of Pie-IX (main entrance building only), Viau and Lacordaire stations and some auxiliary structures

In addition to its efficiency, the tunnel boring machine is powered by electricity, making it an eco-friendly and quiet option. Residents will probably not even realize that it is moving underneath their homes!


“The Blue line extension is a high-priority project for the revitalization of Montreal’s east end and for mobility in the metropolitan area. The project is finally taking shape with the construction of a new tunnel that will connect five new stations to the métro network by 2029. The Quebec government is making every effort to deliver this long-awaited project. We can’t stress this enough: given the climate crisis, developing public transit systems is at the forefront of solutions to support sustainable mobility.”
Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Minister and Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility

“The Blue line extension is an important milestone for Montréal's public transit system and a major project for the city' s east end. As we all know, structured transportation is essential for the revitalization of the east end. We're announcing excellent news today!”
Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy, Minister for Regional Economic Development, Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region

“The Blue line extension is excellent news for Montréal’s east end and for mobility in Montréal as a whole. A métro station hasn’t been inaugurated on the Island of Montréal since 1988, so we needed to catch up in terms of public transit development. This call for tenders confirms that the Blue line is moving forward, and we’ll continue to work with the STM and all our partners to ensure that public transit continues to thrive. With five new stations, the Blue line will be able to serve new customers, who will finally have an effective solution to replace single-occupant car use. The Blue line extension will allow us to speed up our ecological transition, while providing complete and redesigned living environments.”
Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal

“Today, we’re taking another step towards to this long-awaited project by the residents of Montreal's east end, and more specifically by the people of Anjou. The revitalization of Montreal's east end, the mobility of our city, the project’s ecological footprint and the well-being of residents living near the new stations are at the forefront of the government's priorities for the development of the Blue Line extension.”
Karine Boivin Roy, Member for Anjou–Louis-Riel

“Last spring, our partners told us that the Blue line extension would move on to the execution phase quickly, and they delivered. This is a shining example of efficiency and collaboration, and it’s how we’ll promote sustainable mobility and community development in our city.”
Benoît Gendron, Chief Executive Officer, Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain

“With the work of our teams and support of our partners, the Blue line extension project keeps moving forward. I’m thrilled that we’ve reached this pivotal moment when we choose the best bidder to build a tunnel that will be used for the next decades!”
Éric Alan Caldwell, Chair, STM Board of Directors.

Moving towards the execution phase

In summer 2022, the STM received authorization from the Quebec government to move forward with the execution phase, making it possible to launch the call for tenders today. Other calls for tenders will follow in the coming months to award the various contracts that will eventually bring the project to life.

The commissioning of the Blue line extension in fall 2029 will allow residents to benefit from a new sustainable mobility option that will provide an attractive and efficient service over single-occupant car use.

Technical image of a TBM


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