STM announces gradual return of the métro musicians

Press release

The STM announces its plan for a safe and progressive return of the métro musicians.

Montréal, November 10, 2021 – The pandemic has had a negative economic impact on musicians who normally perform in the métro. Conscious of this fact, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is presenting a plan today to facilitate the safe, gradual return of musicians to the métro, starting the week of November 29. By implementing special measures adapted to the public health situation and developed in collaboration with public health authorities, the STM will once again be able to allow artists to perform at authorized locations while keeping the métro safe for all customers and employees.

New measures for artists
Along with customers, musicians performing in métro stations will be required to wear masks unless playing a wind instrument. Singing is allowed with the requirement of wearing a mask. Anyone with symptoms will have to follow the health guidelines in effect and stay home.

The STM has developed a new online platform that will be the sole means of booking performances in the métro. Going forward, musicians will be required to reserve their location and time slot on the new website. The site will be up as of November 22, so that artists can create their accounts and proceed from there with their first reservation. The site also includes a reminder of the essential measures to follow. By booking a space, musicians agree to comply with these measures.

As was the case before the pandemic, performances will be allowed only at the locations in métro stations marked with a lyre sign. For the time being, a limited number of spaces will be available for booking: three at Berri-UQAM, one at Guy-Concordia and one at Jean-Talon. The STM is confident that it can count on musicians for their essential cooperation and will gradually make more lyres available over the coming weeks, so long as all goes according to plan.

Be generous, but be safe
The majority of customers surveyed had a favourable view of a possible return of musicians, so the STM is pleased to be able to announce this decision as an encouraging sign of a partial return to normal. The STM is encouraging its customers to be generous to these artists but also careful, asking that they avoid crowding and maintain appropriate physical distancing.

Together, we can all take part in the successful return of musicians to the métro!