STM and Suicide Action Montréal relaunch suicide prevention campaign

Press release

Prevention help is available for the clientele in regards with suicide prevention

Montréal, July 2, 2020 – In the context of COVID-19 and the increased psychosocial distress that it has caused in the population, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and Suicide Action Montréal (SAM) wish to remind customers that suicide prevention help is available.

On July 6, the STM is relaunching its awareness campaign in the métro network. The four-week initiative, inspired by the 2018 awareness campaign entitled “Suicide Action Montréal: A Lifeline,” promotes the help line 1-866-277-3553Appeler : 1-866-277-3553. Available throughout Quebec, this 24/7 service provides immediate aid to people in crisis, as part of SAM’s work to prevent suicide and its serious repercussions.

“The challenge of lockdown is being able to locate and identify people who are suicidal, in crisis or destabilized. With this targeted signage, combined with the STM’s lockdown lifting campaign, ‘Let’s take care of each other,’ we hope to prevent tragedies by promoting the services of Suicide Action Montréal,” said Philippe Schnobb, Chairman of the STM Board of Directors.

“In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, some vulnerable people may naturally tend to withdraw into themselves, to isolate themselves further and to not ask for help for fear of being a burden or exposing their personal struggles. But help is out there, and our free services are available to anyone in distress, worried for a loved one or grieving a loss to suicide. Just give us a call!” said Luc Vallerand, Executive Director of SAM.

In addition to posters in major downtown métro stations, the campaign includes a suicide prevention message to be broadcast on the Métro Vision digital screens. The STM and SAM also plan to coordinate informative social media posts to spread awareness to as many people as possible.

The STM also wishes to remind its customers that should they witness any situation that could potentially endanger someone’s life, they are encouraged to let us know immediately by using one of the red phones stationed on métro platforms or notifying a staff member working in the métro, for example, an inspector, a station agent or a maintenance employee.

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