COVID-19 – Adjustments to the STM’s bus, métro and paratransit service

Press release

Given the current context surrounding COVID-19, the STM will be decreasing its bus and métro service as of March 30, 2020.

Montréal, March 26, 2020 – Given the current context surrounding COVID-19, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) will be decreasing its bus and métro service as of March 30, 2020.

This change takes into account a major decrease in ridership, essential workers’ transportation needs and workforce planning. It is a temporary measure that will make it possible to ensure the continuity of services, as well as the safety of our customers and employees. These measures are constantly evolving, and will be adjusted according to our customers’ changing needs and the status of our networks. The STM therefore has the flexibility to conduct its operations and add service periodically with backup trains or buses, if necessary.

The digital information tools available for customers will reflect these changes as accurately as possible.

Regular bus network
Since ridership on buses has dropped by nearly 75%, the service offered during peak periods will be reduced on average by 20%, compared with the same period last year, while maintaining access throughout the Island of Montréal. This corresponds approximately to the level of service offered during the summer, with a few targeted improvements. The transportation needs of essential workers, in particular service to major healthcare institutions, have been taken into account, and a careful analysis of ridership on routes was conducted to pinpoint opportunities for adjustments, without increasing load levels aboard vehicles whenever possible.

Measures being implemented include:

  • A decrease in high-frequency lines, including the “10 minutes max” lines, when ridership observed on these lines allows it
  • Adjustments to lines serving the exo train stations, to take into account the decrease in commuter train service
  • Postponement of mitigation measures planned for the REM work
  • Elimination or significant reduction of services not currently in use, namely the navettes Or shuttles, bus lines for schools, and routes serving the Casino and Jean-Drapeau Park
  • A decrease in service on line 747

Métro network
Given that the number of customers going through the métro turnstiles has dropped by over 80%, service offered during peak periods will also be reduced by 20%.

The frequency of train departures will be decreased on average from 3 min 20 to 4 min 05 for the Orange and Green lines. Service offered on the Blue and Yellow lines remains unchanged. Please note that the métro’s operating hours also remain unchanged.

Paratransit service has been adjusted according to demand, which has dropped by 85%. Several safety measures are already in place to protect our customers and drivers, including increased cleaning operations and a limit of one customer per minibus or taxi.

Staying informed
The situation is constantly evolving, and the STM teams must incorporate these changes within a short time frame. In this context, the STM is making every effort to ensure that the information can be easily accessed via digital customer information tools: website, apps, the AUTOBUS line and SMS. It is also recommended that customers frequently check the schedule of the bus they are taking and, if necessary, check bus locations on the real-time map.

Texte important

Keep in mind that the STM has already implemented several measures to help protect its customers and employees with regard to COVID-19. The STM would also like to remind you of the importance of following the directives put in place by the authorities, for everyone’s sake.