Côte-Vertu Garage Project: Côte-Vertu station will be closed over two weekends, possibly three

Press release

As part of the Côte-Vertu garage construction project, Côte-Vertu station, on the Orange line, will be closed on March 30 and 31 as well as April 13 and 14 for the installation of electrical cabling on the tail tracks. It may be closed for a third weekend on April 6 and 7, depending on the progress of the work.

The weekend closures are required because the station’s power will be cut off. The decision to close the station over the weekend of April 6 and 7 will be made on March 31.

Mitigation measures

Mitigation measures will be implemented to minimize inconveniences caused by the station closure:

A high-frequency shuttle bus (roughly every two to three minutes) — shuttle 810 — will provide direct service to Côte-Vertu and Du Collège stations during the métro’s operating hours.

470 Express Pierrefonds will be rerouted to Du Collège station.

64 Grenet will be extended to Du Collège station.

Additionally, Côte-Vertu and Du Collège are located around 900 metres apart: about a 12-minute walk.

Côte-Vertu garage project

The project involves building an underground garage that will house 10 additional trains. The new garage will balance out the number of train storage spaces at each end of the Orange line and improve service frequency by 25%. It will allow trains to be added during peak periods, support the expected growth in ridership in the coming years, and increase the offer of service to keep pace with the extension of the Blue line.

In addition to the underground garage, three surface buildings will be visible.

  • A building providing access to the underground garage and the Azur maintenance workshop
  • Two auxiliary structures: an emergency exit for staff and a mechanical ventilation station

About Côte-Vertu

  • About 14,000 entries on Saturday and 10,000 entries on Sunday
  • 6th busiest station on the network with 7,846,303 entries per year
  • Served by 17 bus lines

For more information: www.stm.info/cote-vertu