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As part of the iBUS project, bus schedules in real time are now available to the public with a beta version of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) web and mobile sites, as well as with the Transit app.

Montréal, December 14, 2017 – As part of the iBUS project, bus schedules in real time are now available to the public with a beta version of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) web and mobile sites, as well as with the Transit app.

« This phase of the iBUS project represents a major change for customers who will see their transit experience improve significantly with real time information available from their smart phone or computer », stated Philippe Schnobb, chair of STM’s board of directors.

Already available to test groups since last summer (STM employees and registered panelists), real-time, now offered to all, will help customers take better decisions while one the move. To access the information in real time, they can simply check http://beta.stm.info/en/info/networks/bus/beta-real-time

Among other things, customers can check bus schedules in real-time with Transit, an already well-known app that is widely used by many public transit regulars.

« As a Montréal-based company, Transit is proud to partner with STM to make information in real time available to the greatest number of customers starting today. Real time is crucial to growing the confidence customers have in their public transit service », added Samuel Vermette, co-founder and president of Transit.

« As such, STM is making its data available to the developer community, as its members are experts at developing apps. In fact, it’s an emerging global trend among transportation providers to proceed this way, » explained Mr. Schnobb.

Public transportation users are asked to share their observations, with both STM and Transit, so that they may make adjustments to their sites and application.

In the early months of 2018, another app, Chrono, by the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM), will also provide STM bus schedules in real time.  

Transit was selected following a request for information to find developers who had a business model that met with our needs, particularly in terms of functionalities and information exchange. Chrono is the other app we chose, because it’s by the ARTM and has a metropolitan scope, integrating the data of every transit service provider in the region.

Next steps

Sometime in 2018, other functions will be added to the existing ones, including:

  • the location of buses on maps from the sites and apps;
  • targeted messages aimed at communicating different situations (e.g. cancelled bus stop, etc.);
  • schedules in real time on Québecor Média’s 75 digital transit shelters and on the electronic display at Amos station along the Pie-IX BRT line;
  • schedules in real time from interactive voice response systems and SMS messaging;
  • open data in real time in GTFS format for developers;
  • the roll-out of bus priority measures at traffic lights.

Already better
So far, several iBUS project components have been deployed and are already helping to improve the transit experience for customers:

  • establishing a main operations centre makes it possible to regulate bus service in real time, which could not previously be done
  • visual displays and audio messages aboard buses inform passengers of upcoming stops and any bus detours
  • the roughly 90 customer information terminals, located at 64 métro station entrances and at 26 heavily-used bus stops, let you see, in real time, the next departure times of buses running nearby.

The iBUS project is made possible through financial contributions for 85% of the budget by the governments of Québec and Canada.

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Mr. Schnobb and Mr. Sam Vermette are available for interviews.

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