The STM unveils the new look of its future métro cars

Press release

The Chairman of the STM Board, Mr. Michel Labrecque, today unveiled the new look chosen for the future métro cars while announcing that a public consultation would be held to find them a name.

Montréal, February 18, 2011    The Chairman of the STM Board, Mr. Michel Labrecque, today unveiled the new look chosen for the future métro cars while announcing that a public consultation would be held to find them a name.

‘’In the wake of the procurement process for new métro cars, the steps we are now taking are aimed at creating a sense of pride among our employees and customers. Expected to be in service for the next four decades, the new cars’ exterior appearance is closely related to the cars currently used. A classic look deeply entrenched in the day-to-day reality of transit users, which is also why the colour blue, favoured by Montrealers, dominates the three design options. Thus, the cars’ exterior design is a reflection of their modernity, as they will feature state-of-the-art technologies successfully proven in other large cities. Moreover, the train formed by the new cars will be open throughout its entire length, thereby increasing capacity and making passenger circulation more fluid,” declared Mr. Labrecque.

The majority chose Option 1
Initiated last December, the public consultation drew the attention and interest of more than 30,000 people who indicated their preference for the exterior appearance of the métro’s future cars. Of the three proposed concepts, Option 1 is the clear winner, the one with a metallic finish gradually turning to blue. Indeed, one out of every two people chose it, while the other two options barely received one vote out of every four.

The three options presented to the public were designed to emphasize the characteristics of the Montréal métro’s future cars, namely a dynamic appearance, open interior, modern design, strong, distinctive image and timeless look.

Valuable contributors help define the new cars’ design
The métro railcars will be built by the Bombardier-Alstom consortium. LABBE Designers Inc. handled the industrial design of the future métro cars, by proposing overall concepts for their interior layout and exterior appearance, including a colour scheme for the interior, the layout of passenger compartments, driving cab, interconnection modules and designated areas for the mobility-impaired. The firm also saw to the train’s exterior design, as well as lighting, ventilation, seating, support bars, in addition to integrating the emergency equipment and communication systems. Finally, it conducted a number of ergonomic assessments, especially with regards to the train operator’s work station and field of vision. The commercial creation agency SID LEE suggested the exterior colour scheme and presented three concepts for the train’s new look. These proposals formed the basis of a consultation process among employees, pensioners and the public.

A name for the future métro cars
Like the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) naming its recent métro cars Toronto Rocket, the STM also wishes to find a name for its new rolling stock currently being referred to as MPM-10, for Montréal Pneumatic Material ordered in 2010. At the end of March 2011, the STM will call upon the creativity of transit users to come up with a name to designate the new métro cars. A public consultation will be held through the website.

To that end, the STM will conduct an information campaign aimed at its customers and the general public, using its websites, and, as well as Facebook. The campaign will also feature ads in the métro and on Métrovision screens. The information will be published in the Info STM page in the 24 H newspaper.

‘’The STM wishes to thank everyone who voted to choose a concept and hopes that they will also take part in the public consultation aimed at finding a name for the new métro cars,’’ added Mr. Labrecque.

Finaly, the STM reminds that it received an Outstanding Public Transportation System in North America award from the American Public Transportation Association, for the excellent results achieved from 2007 to 2009 in terms of productivity and efficiency.

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Downloas the illustration of the winning concept