The STM invites owners of older cars to join the movement !

Press release

Montréal, April 18, 2011   This morning, as part of a press conference held by AQLPA (Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique) attended by Pierre Arcand, Québec Minister for Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, and Sam Hamad, Québec Transport Minister, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) reiterated its support for Clear the Air!, the recycling program for older, more polluting cars in Québec.

For the eighth year, the STM, the Government of Québec and other participating public transport agencies will offer free public transit use for 12 months to everyone who hands over their 1997 or older vehicle to AQLPA and chooses free public transportation as an incentive.

“We know that using public transit is one of the most efficient ways of lowering greenhouse gas emissions produced by transportation. And because it plays a leading role in terms of sustainable development in the Montréal region, the STM will promote the use of sustainable modes of transportation in a number of different ways, including partnerships like the one with AQLPA. Last year, of 8 553 participants, some 1 777 people chose free public transportation in exchange for their old vehicle. That represents 20.8% of all those taking part in the program, a fact we find very interesting and one that convinces us to uphold our partnership,” declared the Chairman of the STM Board of Directors, Michel Labrecque.

Every passenger counts
Moreover, the Chairman reminded everyone of the STM’s spring campaign, whereby “Each individual action, each bus or métro ride counts. Together, these actions support the Society in Motion movement we initiated in 2009. Using public transportation for a return trip instead of a car, especially an older model car, is taking action in a way that has a strong environmental impact. In fact, something that simple produces the same benefit as one tree for a year. In the last year, the combined public transit rides had the same environmental benefit as all the trees on Mount Royal times 2000. Now imagine thousands upon thousands of transit users… together for an even greener city.”

“By taking part in the Clear the Air ! program, the STM is taking action in an eco-responsible way. In the wake of this partnership, the STM invites the population to do the same by joining the movement and trading in their older vehicle for free public transit use for 12 months, as it provides an interesting incentive to everyone who chooses to do their share for the environment,” concluded Mr. Labrecque.

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