The STM enhances service on the 480 – Pointe-Nord - Île-des-Sœurs

Press release

Montréal, September 21, 2011 –  The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is announcing bidirectional service on the 480 – Pointe-Nord – Île-des-Sœurs all day weekdays until 7 p.m. starting next October 3. Buses will run every 10-15 minutes during rush hour and every 23 minutes during off peak periods, in both directions.

‘On the one hand, this service improvement will benefit residents of the new residential project located near the Bell Campus in Pointe-Noire on Nuns’ Island’s, as it will lead to additional demand for transportation to downtown in morning rush hour and toward Pointe-Noire on Nuns’ Island’s for the afternoon rush home. On the other, the need for all-day service in both directions by Bell Campus employees has grown, mainly due to the ever-increasing number of Bell Campus staff and having more Bell offices downtown, requiring employees to move between sites. The means about 4 275 hours of additional service annually,’ explained STM board chairman, Michel Labrecque.

‘I am delighted by the service increase on the 480 bus serving Pointe-Noire on Nuns’ Island. This measure shows that the STM lends an ear to the needs of the population regarding public transportation, particularly in this developing neighbourhood,’ said Claude Trudel, Verdun borough mayor and executive committee member responsible for public security.

The 480 – Pointe-Nord Île-des-Sœurs buses started running in September 2008 toward Nuns’ Island during morning rush hour and toward downtown in afternoon rush hour, making it possible for Bell Campus employees to transfer to commuter trains, bus and métro. More stops along the way enabled Cité du Multimédia and minicipal employees working on Brennan St. to also use the bus service. A little over 1 000 passenger rides are currently taken each day on that line, created in answer to the transporation needs of thousands of employees who had been relocated following construction of the Bell Campus at the northern tip of Nuns’ Island.

Funded in equal measure by Transport Québec and the City of Montreal, this initiative is part of a service improvement program aimed at expanding ridership and providing Montrealers with better transit network performance.

Légende de la photo (de gauche à droite) : Michel Tremblay, planification des réseaux à la STM, Claude Trudel, maire de Verdun, Michel Labrecque, président du conseil de la STM et Paul Beaupré, conseiller de l'arrondissement de Verdun. Crédits photo : Maurice Vézinet, photographe.

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