The STM and Operation Red Nose present a giftbag of tips for the Holiday season

Press release

Montréal, November 16, 2011 –  As part of the press conference held by Operation Red Nose Montréal, the STM took the opportunity to remind everyone that public transit is available if anyone has had too much to drink.

The association between the STM and Operation Red Nose makes sense: in their view, both prefer to make it a question of awareness rather than morality, and believe that encouraging people to consume alcohol responsibly will act as a deterrent to drinking and driving. Both organizations know that the holiday season often leads to excess; for this reason, each in their own way is providing the public with alternatives to driving under the influence.

For the STM, one of the ways of lowering the incidence of drinking and driving is to promote public transportation, especially its redesigned all-night network. Indeed, last June, the STM greatly improved the performance of the 23 bus lines serving the island of Montréal at night. Thus, the STM makes it easier for night people to get around town, either regular transit users or occasional ones, such as those attending holiday parties.

Furthermore, in cooperation with Operation Red Nose Montréal, the STM has put together a gift bag of tips for the holidays, from which well-prepared party-goers can get useful tips to plan their rides for their evening parties. Starting today, this gift bag of tips is available online on the STM website at:

The STM reminds transit users they can also get bus timetable information by phone from AUTOBUS (514 288-6287), the mobile site or from text messaging (SMS) by entering 52786. For all other information, customers can call STM●INFO at 514 786-4636.

Société de transport de Montréal and Operation Red Nose Montréal take this opportunity to offer season’s greetings to one and all, while reminding one and all that after an evening of drinking and merry-making, taking public transit or calling upon Operation Red Nose for a ride home is the only logical, responsible way to go !

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