Fourth instalment of the photo exhibition at Place-des-Arts métro station Tribute to public transit workers of yesterday and today

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Montréal, September 19, 2011 –  Michel Labrecque, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), today introduced the fourth instalment of the 36-photo exhibition entitled Tribute to public transit workers of yesterday and today, presented as part of the 150th anniversary of public transit in Montréal. Located on the Passerelle des arts at Place-des-Arts métro station, this exhibition will be adding zest to passengers’ daily ride until the end of 2011.

“This fourth and last segment of the photo exhibition is the work product of Montréal photojournalists Caroline Hayeur, Jean-François Leblanc and Jean-Eudes Schurr, members of Agence Stock Photo. With an expert, eye, each one conveys their memorable experience in various workplaces through 36 large format photos. Throughout the summer, they were given behind-the-scenes access to the STM so that they could give Montrealers an up-close-and-personal look at today’s workers, the people who keep our integrated bus and métro network running smoothly day after day,” said Mr. Labrecque.

“On the occasion of this momentous anniversary, we wanted to honour the contributions of all STM employees. If the next 150 years are anything like the first, we are convinced that the STM’s future is in good hands. As for us, we will keep working toward sustainable mobility by promoting the growth of public transit in the city. Long live the STM!” said Michel Bissonnet, City of Montréal Executive Committee member in charge of transportation.

An urbanization tool that is central to the Montréal area’s economic, social, environmental and cultural development, public transit is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. This major photo exhibition, presented in four instalments each focusing on a different category of workers—tramways, buses and métro, and modern-day STM workers—has given the public an opportunity to discover the various trades plied by STM employees over the years, and to see how their roles have changed as modes of public transit have evolved.

For more information, exhibition visitors can use their smartphone to download an audio guide by scanning the QR code located next to each of the photos. Previous instalments of the exhibition and a section containing additional photos are also available on the mobile site

150 years of public transit in Montréal: something worth celebrating!

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