The STM now on twitter and Facebook!

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The STM now on twitter and Facebook!

Montréal, March 10, 2010
These relationships should have started some time ago, but as the saying goes… “better late than never.” So today is the day the STM enters the social networking, micro-blogging world of Twitter and Facebook.

“Indeed, the STM will post métro service disruptions lasting 20 minutes or more. These postings will make it possible for clients to stay informed about the status of service even if they are not inside the metro system. As for Facebook, it is yet another means of fostering the dialogue and relationship we want to establish with our clients,” announced the Chairman of the STM Board of Directors, Michel Labrecque.

“Over the next few months, other channels of communication and information about our most recent innovations and new services will be made available to the public,” added Mr. Labrecque.

Finally, STM clients can also simultaneously access this information from our website by using the clearly identified widget appearing on the homepage. Schedule information can also be obtained by calling AUTOBUS (514 288-6287) or through the cellular phone messaging service by calling

If you wish to follow the STM on Twitter

Clients interested in this service can subscribe to the
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How to find the STM page on Facebook
  1. If you do not already have one, you must open a Facebook account
  2. Type stminfo in the search tab

We would like to count you among our “friends”: FOLLOW US ! and come see our video on either
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