The STM consults the public to choose the outside appearance of métro railcars

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The STM consults the public to choose
the outside appearance of métro railcars

Montréal, December 2, 2010
In the wake of acquiring new métro railcars, Société de transport de Montréal (STM) today initiated a public consultation regarding three options for their outside appearance. Montrealers can vote for their choice on the website until January 6, 2011.

«Montréal’s rubber-tire railcars 2010 (MPM-10) are without a doubt one of the largest projects in the STM’s history and marks a watershed moment as important as when the metro started service in 1966, with its first-generation MR-63 rolling stock. Through this consultation process, we hope to engage with our employees and clients, while giving them a sense of pride,» declared STM Board Chairman Michel Labrecque.

As a follow-up to the interior appearance selection made some time ago, the proposed exterior design and colours are variations on three concepts that reflect five basic qualities: being dynamic, fluid, modern, distinct and timeless:
  • The dynamic aspect of the railcar’s design is highlighted by livery that puts emphasis on several key areas;
  • The fluidity of the open-concept boa train featuring panoramic windows will change how passengers feel inside;
  • The design is modern and the livery supports this modernity through the chosen shapes and colours;
  • The Montréal métro has always stood out among other métro systems on the international stage, and the MPM-10 will enjoy a unique and distinct character. Indeed, the blue colour will stay, as it is an integral part of our collective heritage and will ensure continuity with current métro railcars;
  • Also, the concepts were developed with the idea of making the final design timeless, so that it continues to growth seamlessly with Montréal and transit users.

Poster and promotion campaign
The STM will publicize its consultation process through an information campaign directed at the public and STM clients. To that end, the campaign calls for posters inside métro railcars, along station platforms and on Métrovision screens, as well as at the rear of buses. Information will also be available on the InfoSTM page inside Métro newspapers. Various social media, such as Facebook, will also be put to use.

Finally, the STM reminds that, in 2010, it received an Outstanding Public Transportation System in North America award from the American Public Transportation Association, for the excellent results it achieved from 2007 to 2009 in terms of productivity and efficiency.


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