The STM, proud partner of Montréal’s Bike Fest

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The STM, proud partner of Montréal’s Bike Fest

Montréal, April 27, 2010
As part of Montréal’s Bike Fest, and particularly of the Tour de l’Ïle held next Sunday, June 6, Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is proud to announce its partnership with Vélo Québec again this year.

For 26 years, from the very first year, STM got involved with Vélo Québec, as it oversees the promotion of active means of transportation, as well as the free and safe use of bicycles for recreation, tourism and transport, while it also takes action for the purpose of representation, consensus-building, research, education and public information. Such a natural partnership with Vélo Québec provides STM with a perfect opportunity to promote not only public transit but also active means of transportation. To that end, it deployed a multimode programme, commonly known as transportation cocktail, defined as the meshing of major public transit bodies (metro, bus, commuter trains, minibuses and shared taxis) with individual active forms of transportation, such as bicycles, private taxis, car rentals and car-pooling. Residents of any city or area can then count on having access to a complete and diversified offer of transportation services, as an alternative to single-car use,’ declared Michel Labrecque, chairman of the STM board of directors.

In the wake of this partnership, STM will be on site under the Mouvement collectif big top, where mascots Métro and Bus will provide animation throughout the day. For the occasion, STM will ask visitors to spin the lucky wheel in the hopes of winning annual subscriptions to transit, as well as monthly, weekly and single transit fares.

Indeed, as it does each year, STM will open the doors to the métro to everyone taking part in Tour la Nuit, next May 4, and in Tour de l’Île de Montréal, making it possible for them to carry their bicycles in the métro, under certain conditions. Complete details will be provided to participants in the event kits they will receive from Vélo Québec. The information will also be available on the STM website a few days prior to the Bike Fest.

Lastly, some 150 people representing STM will take part in Tour de l’Île de Montréal next Sunday, June 6.

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