STM introduces a new audio signal on a few métro railcars

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STM introduces a new audio signal on a few métro railcars

Montréal, August 09, 2010
Société de transport de Montréal (STM) announces the introduction of a new sound signal to let passengers in the métro know the doors are about to close.

Replicating the well-known dou-dou-dou so unique to the Montréal métro, the unusual sound signal can be heard aboard nine métro cars starting today. This first step will allow for any technical adjustments, should any be needed prior to the signal’s deployment aboard all MR-73 railcars between now and 2012.

Given the green light following the positive comments expressed by surveyed transit users, the initiative will serve to increase the efficiency of service in the métro, provide greater comfort and safety aboard métro railcars, and ensure better circulation for passengers entering and exiting the train.

An awareness campaign aimed at public transit clients is currently underway in the métro, featuring ads aboard the railcars using the new sound signal and train platforms in some stations on the Orange line, on Télécité and Métrovision display screens, the info.STM page in Métro newspaper and the STM website at

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