NIGHTLIFE Magazine and STM partner to promote Society in Motion

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NIGHTLIFE Magazine and STM partner
to promote Society in Motion

Montréal, January 14, 2010
NIGHTLIFE Magazine and the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) has partnered to promote the use of public transportation to a community of 175,000 readers and web users. This initiative is presented in the section Tour de ville since the November edition of the magazine.

The creative team of NIGHTLIFE Magazine has integrated the Society in Motion’s graphic designs into the section Tour de ville, which suggests the best addresses and outings in Montreal. The colors and graphic elements of the Society in Motion are present throughout the section and the nearest metro station is indicated underneath the address of the establishments. In addition, a new chronicle allows readers to discover urban Montrealers using public transportation.

"This partnership illustrates once again the relevance of NIGHTLIFE Media as an essential platform to reach Montrealers aged 18-34. We are happy to see that the STM welcomes ideas that allow them to optimise the efficiency of their messages" pointed out NIGHTLIFE Media’s General Manager, Yann Fortier.

"We encourage NIGHTLIFE’s readers and web users to join Society in Motion by using public transportation. This partnership will enlighten young adults on the environmental benefits of this kind of transportation and will encourage them to favour it when attending festivals and events in Montreal. In addition, we would like to mention that many businesses will showcase the symbol of Society in Motion to support and encourage their customers to use the bus and metro" said Mrs Denise Vaillancourt, Executive Director, Planning, Marketing & Communications for the STM.

NIGHTLIFE Magazine will soon offer on its website, a trip calculator by bus and metro. This tool will allow people to plan their outing from one address of their choice to a specific location, using the bus or the metro, encouraging a responsible and positive mean of transportation!

On its home page, the STM’s website ( is promoting this partnership by integrating NIGHTLIFE’s logo in a promotional box combining NIGHTLIFE and STM’s colours. Called "On the go with" this space explains the nature of the magazine. It states: « NIGHTLIFE magazine is a magazine and a Web site targeted at culture buffs, those who go to restaurants, bars, boutiques, shows, the theatre, art galleries and museums. In other words, everything creative that makes Montréal tick».

NIGHTLIFE Media is comprised of NIGHTLIFE Magazine, creative planning platform NIGHTLIFE Productions (events, CDs, WebTV and special projects); and NIGHTLIFE Interactive (web and mobile). Read by close to 120,000 readers (Ad Hoc Research) in Montreal with a monthly circulation of 50,000 copies (CCAB). NIGHTLIFE magazine publishes articles, reports, reviews and cultural information in its Style, Urban Culture and Music sections. NIGHTLIFE Media has over 75 full and part-time employees. NIGHTLIFE Media is a division of NEWAD  

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