New Navette Or service launched in Anjou

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New Navette Or service launched in Anjou

Montréal, August 23, 2010
As part of the Public Transit Service Improvement Programme (PASTEC), Michel Labrecque, Chairman of STM’s Board of Directors, and Luis Miranda, Mayor of Anjou Borough, today announced the establishment of a new transit service designed to serve mostly senior citizens living in Anjou. As of next August 30, the new 260 – Navette Or Anjou will provide greater mobility for seniors using public transit in their neighbourhood.

The roughly 21-km route will feature 19 stops in each direction, serving eight residences for senior citizens, as well as local landmarks of interest to them. In addition to the residences, the minibus route will include Halles d’Anjou, Galeries d’Anjou, Chénier community centre, Jean-Corbeil library and Centre Roger-Rousseau.

The 260 – Navette Or Anjou shuttle service will operate Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays according to a set schedule. It will feature five departures in each direction, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Travelling the full length of the route will take about 35 minutes in each direction, from Résidence Anjou-sur-le-Lac (north terminus) to the intersection of Chaumont and Des Ormeaux Avenues (south terminus). Moreover, the minibus route number will appear on a gold background on designated bus stop panels, making it easier to identify the shuttle’s specific stops.

“Since 2007, thanks to the financial support of Transports Québec and Ville de Montréal, we have deployed new services, more adapted to the wide-ranging needs of our clients, including the particular needs of seniors. The introduction of the 260 – Navette Or shuttle service clearly illustrates our willingness to help increase mobility for senior citizens living in Anjou Borough, thereby promoting their active participation in their neighbourhood’s community life. Indeed, the route will serve the area’s main residences for seniors, as well as locations of public interest, such as shopping centres, healthcare services, recreation and community action centres,” declared Mr. Labrecque.

The borough mayor thanked the STM for granting the request of elected officials expressed in a resolution passed by the borough council during a session held in September 2009. “The wish expressed by our senior citizens is coming true,” declared Luis Miranda. “More and more of them were demanding the creation of a Navette Or shuttle service in Anjou. This is a great day. I am convinced the minibus service will gain an excellent reputation.”

To promote the new 260 – Navette Or Anjou shuttle service, fliers will be distributed in each of the residences for seniors served by the minibus shuttle. Community groups and borough representatives will also publicize the service. Lastly, signs will be posted at locations frequented by senior citizens and served by the minibus shuttle. For more information, clients can call STM-INFO (786-4636). They can also call A-U-T-O-B-U-S (288-6287) for timetable information for their bus stop. The STM website ( also features more useful transit information, including bus schedules.

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