With the concerted efforts of STM and Planetair, CRIM's Training Centre becomes Quebec's first carbon-neutral training centre

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With the concerted efforts of STM and Planetair,
CRIM's Training Centre becomes
Quebec's first carbon-neutral training centre

Montreal, September 10, 2008 Yves Sanssouci, President and CEO, CRIM, is thrilled to announce the adoption of a new sustainable development strategy by the CRIM Training Centre. Emerging from a joint venture, called “Objective: Carbon Free (Destination Z�ro Carbone)”, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and Planetair, the CRIM Training Centre is now the first carbon-neutral training centre in Québec.

Yves Sanssouci explains CRIM’s initiative as “An opportunity to exercise our leadership and increase our clients’ awareness and encourage them to support these green actions in our business environment. The CRIM Training Centre is implementing this important first step as part of its overall environmental policy.”

“As an integral part of our Objective: Carbon Free commitment, three specific measures will be implemented at CRIM’s Montréal premises,” announces Gis�le LaRue, Vice President of the Training Centre, “Supported by the STM, our first initiative consists in giving two free bus-metro tickets to all our clients who attend a training session to encourage them to use public transit. With Planetair’s assistance, the CRIM Training Centre will offset GHG emissions generated by its commuting Montreal-area clients. Furthermore, a number of “green” initiatives will become part of the Training Centre’s activities.”

Promote the use of mass transportation
“The STM is proudly committed to sustainable transportation and delighted to be involved with CRIM in this innovative approach to promote mass transportation,” states Pierre Bourbonni�re, Marketing Director at the STM, “We are taking this opportunity to acknowledge our partners in this forward-looking initiative which we hope will encourage other employers and organisations to follow suit.”

Participate in renewable energy projects
By investing in renewable energy projects, the CRIM Training Centre is advancing the fight against climate change. In teaming up with Planetair – and voluntarily buying carbon credits to offset its greenhouse gas impact – the CRIM Training Centre is joining the ranks of the certified carbon neutral entities such as the David Suzuki Foundation, Festival International de jazz de Montréal and the National Hockey League’s 523 players.

“In the campaign against climate change, CRIM’s vision is commendable as it encompasses this battle’s essential components such as addressing emission reduction at its source, which CRIM is accomplishing thanks to its partnership with the STM and by offsetting the remaining emissions with Planetair. The ensuing impact is immediate and real: a carbon-neutral training centre!” highlights Julian Lee, Programme Manager at Planetair.

A number of “green” initiatives
The CRIM Training Centre is also implementing a number of “green” initiatives throughout its various activities. In addition to producing web-based brochures and course manuals, and offering their print version on recycled paper, the centre’s computers are already compliant with the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Gold standard, the highest level of this quality standard in reducing the impact computer products have on the environment. Learners at the Centre are encouraged to participate in this communal effort: using recyclable plates and utensils, recycling bins, various other incentives namely closing their screens, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, closing the lights, etc.). One by one, this string of smaller gestures will make a difference.

“The core motivation of these innovations is a greener planet obtained through the collective efforts of the CRIM Training Centre’s clients and employees, who from a heightened sense of awareness and accountability have developed a greener attitude,” proudly states Gis�le LaRue.

About CRIM
CRIM is an Information Technologies (IT) applied research centre that develops and transfers technologies and knowledge. By offering more than 180 course titles relating primarily to emerging and leading methodologies and technologies, the CRIM Training Centre responds to the training needs of businesses and organisations in the field of IT. Close to 2,600 specialists and managers participate each year in the Training Centre’s 300+ training activities given by the centre's 60 highly qualified expert instructors. Web: www.crim.ca

About Planetair
Launched in 2005, Planetair (planetair.ca) is a not-for-profit service offered by the Unisf�ra International Centre, a leading provider of sustainable development expertise. Planetair’s GHG management solutions help individuals, corporations, and institutions to measurably reduce their climate footprint. Planetair is the first Canadian provider of carbon offset credits carrying the Gold Standard accreditation, a quality seal for voluntary offsets that is the most widely accepted and supported by Canada’s most significant NGOs such as the David Suzuki Foundation and WWF International. Web: http://planetair.ca

About STM
A public transit corporation, the STM is a key component to economic growth in the Montreal area, while contributing to the quality of life of citizens and supporting sustainable development. The STM develops and operates an integrated transit network, courteously providing customers with reliable, rapid, safe and comfortable transportation. Its clients and employees, as well as its corporate and commercial partners are proud of this relationship, because the STM is known for delivering quality services at a fair price. Web: www.stm.info

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