The new 515 – Vieux-Montréal/Vieux-Port bus route begins service today!

Press release


The new 515 Vieux-Montréal/Vieux-Port bus route
begins service today!

Montreal, June 23, 2008 Société de transport de Mont�al (STM) is announcing the start of service on its new 515 – Vieux-Montréal/Vieux-Port bus route today, as well as every day, from 7 a.m. to midnight.

«As part of the STM's service improvements programme (PASTEC), the new route will provide better service in this historic district, for residents, workers and visitors alike,» indicated Claude Trudel, chairman of the STM board of directors. «The transit company will promote the route among potential clients through a gradually unfolding advertising campaign, in cooperation with Société de d�veloppement commercial du Vieux-Montréal, Société du Vieux-Port and Tourisme Montréal.»

«Through different measures, the transportation plan for Old Montreal calls for an important change to limit the space taken by cars, thereby creating a friendly, safe and welcoming ambience for Old Montréal. The new bus route was needed to consolidate public transit and offer workers, tourists and residents a real alternative to car use,» emphasized Andr� Lavallée, executive committee member, responsible for urban development and public transportation.

«Increasing STM service in Old Montréal is good news,» declared Benoit Labont�, mayor of Ville-Marie borough. «We hope the new bus route will be capable of handling demand.»

«The introduction of bus service between Old Montréal and downtown is excellent news,» added Mrs. Claude Benoit, Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal chief executive officer. This new transportation option will make commuting easier for area residents, as well as for business owners, workers and visitors to the Old Montréal and Old Port district. This news can only mean good news for the economy and quality of life of our beautiful neighbourhood.»

«The SDC remembers the vision held a few years ago by Robert Ruel, a savvy business owner in Old Montréal, who imagined having a bus route in the neighbourhood. We are very enthousiastic about this project, as it opens the way for introducing a tramway in our historic district,» explained George Coulombe, chairman of Société de d�veloppement commercial du Vieux-Montréal.

«Inaugurating the new 515 bus route linking downtown to the Old Montréal/Old Port district is a major boost to Montréal's tourist industry,» emphasized Charles Lapointe, director general of Tourisme Montréal. «It will provide a simple and efficient way for tourists to travel between Montréal's many centrally located tourist areas. Tourisme Montréal wants to congratulate the STM for this excellent initiative.»

Buses will run in both directions from the Info-Touriste centre at Square Dorchester. Heading eastbound, they will offer a link between downtown hotels along Ren�-L�vesque Boulevard and Berri-UQAM métro station, then stop by municipal buildings and City Hall, prior to reaching Old Montréal's residential area and Old Port district along de la Commune street. Heading westbound, again from the Info-Touriste centre, buses will travel along Metcalfe and Peel streets, before turning onto de la Commune to reach Berri, stopping by Berri-UQAM métro station, then going west on Ren�-L�vesque Boulevard through its hotel district, and back to the Info-Touriste centre.

A reserved lane on the eastbound side of de la Commune street is also in place for the summer period, from June 15 to September 15, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. to ensure traffic runs smoothly. Another reserved lane is also established on the westbound side of de la Commune, between McGill and Mill streets to avoid heavy traffic from the Victoria bridge, during afternoon rush hour, all year long.

Information about the new service is available on Old Montréal tourist maps and brochures, in the Old Port's calendar of activities, ads inside some twenty métro stations, transit user notices in targeted areas, as well as métrovision television screens, Télécité information displays in trains and a number of related websites.

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