The STM’s regular fare tickets are going � la carte !

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The STM’s regular fare tickets are going � la carte !

Montreal, April 21, 2008 - The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) announces that, beginning April 28, regular fare tickets will gradually be replaced by a magnetic card. 

The card can hold one or six regular fare trips. Each time the card is inserted in the appropriate slot of a métro turnstile or bus collection box, information about the trip (date and time) will be printed on the back. As the magnetic card will also serve as transfer and proof of payment, clients must hold on to it until its expiration or until they reach their destination.  

The one- or six-trip card can be purchased from a fare collector in the métro or from fare vending equipment located in each métro station. STM fare sales outlets will only be offering the six-trip cards. As for clients who prefer to pay their fare in cash in either the bus or the métro, they will still receive a magnetic card as their proof of payment and transfer. 

For now, this change does not apply to paratransit users who must continue to purchase existing tickets, which will always be available at métro fare control booths and at the usual points of sale.

The magnetic card will go on sale gradually, beginning in Montréal’s East end boroughs. For more information about the calendar dates and areas where the card will be sold, clients are invited to visit the STM website at

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