The STM undertakes the second phase of its cleanliness awareness campaign

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The STM undertakes the second phase
of its cleanliness awareness campaign

Montreal, October 29, 2007 - Always concerned with providing its clientele with as clean and safe an environment as possible, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) today begins the second phase of its 2007 cleanliness awareness campaign.

While Phase I, launched last March under the theme Trouvez l’erreur, showed the evidence left behind by clients in the vehicles and installations, Phase II will highlight the ongoing efforts by STM employees to keep the installations and vehicles as clean as possible. It will also illustrate the positive actions taken by clients.

Bruno, Mme Dub� and M. Lopez are doing their part

« After having demonstrated that clients share in the responsibility for keeping our spaces clean and having encouraged them to take a look at their own behaviour, we now want to show that many have become more aware and are taking action as a result. We also want to highlight the work carried out on a daily basis by the maintenance employees » emphasized Mr. Claude Trudel, Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors.

For this second phase, the accent is placed on very simple gestures within everyone’s reach and unfolds as follows: Aujourd’hui, Mme Dub� a fait sa part by throwing her empty potato chip bag in the garbage, Aujourd’hui, M. Lopez a fait sa part by depositing his newspaper in the recycling bin, Tous les jours Bruno fait sa part by picking up newspapers left in the bus.

Posters will be installed as of today in the stations, the métro cars and the buses.

Report on Phase I

Mr. Trudel took advantage of the start of the second phase to communicate the results of the first phase.

« In order to determine the impact of this behavourial campaign, we carried out two studies in the form of an Internet survey – the métro segment and the bus segment. In total 787 people responded to the questionnaire for the two segments. »

«It is very interesting to note that 93 % of métro respondents were aware of the campaign and that the majority of people who saw it (82% métro and 81% bus) appreciated the message and the creative approach. Even more interesting is the fact that 56% of métro respondents who regularly leave their newspaper in the métro car or put their feet up on the neighbouring seat say that they have changed their behaviour. This percentage rises to 65% for the bus respondents.

In addition, between 46% and 48% of clients say they have noticed a change in the behaviour of other passengers. These results are encouraging and motivate us to continue and, above all, they show us that we did the right thing with this behavioural campaign » Mr. Trudel concluded.

In closing it should be noted that, as part of Op�rationMontréal.Net, representatives from the STM and from the public works departments of each of the boroughs involved have updated the agreements covering regular maintenance tasks for the areas surrounding the métro stations.

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