Montreal, April 11, 2007 - With Joël Gauthier, Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) President and Chief Executive Officer

Press release

The Cartier, de la Concorde and Montmorency
métro stations to open April 28

Montreal, April 11, 2007 - With Joël Gauthier, Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) President and Chief Executive Officer, and Jean-Jacques Beldi�, Chairman of the STL Board of Directors, in attendance, the Chairman of the STM Board of Directors, Claude Trudel, announced today that the Cartier, de la Concorde et Montmorency métro stations will open next April 28.

“I am very proud of this achievement, as it allows the Montréal métro to grow,” declared Mr. Trudel. “Now serving two islands, the métro network’s new offer of service carries several advantages. Indeed, public transportation in the Greater Montréal area is on the increase, and for clients, travelling will be faster and more efficient.”

“The métro extension to Laval is without a doubt the most important development in public transportation to happen in the Greater Metropolitan area in the last few years, and the AMT is particularly proud to have played a leading role in carrying out this large-scale project,” declared Mr. Gauthier. “With a budget allowance of some $803.6 million, in the end, the project will be completed at a lower cost than anticipated. Indeed, the total cost of the project will reach $745 million, a savings of some $58.6 million. That amount works out to $143.2 million per kilometre, or 22% less than the international average of $175 million per kilometre, for metro systems of similar size.”

Free transit April 28 and 29
“To mark this important achievement, the STM Board of Directors agreed to give the public a first look by holding an Open Doors event on April 28 and 29 to celebrate the official opening of all three stations”, explained Mr. Trudel. “Transit users will have free access to the STM’s entire network so they can discover the new installations.” Information stands will be set up in various locations for the occasion, and teams of AMT, STM and STL representatives will be on hand to provide visitors with a variety of transit information.

“From now on, our clients will benefit from a full range of transit services, including bus, metro and commuter trains. For us, that’s what providing better services means: working together to their advantage. And from our side, more than ever, our employees take pride in having to transport an entire city ! So, for the purpose of sharing in this momentous occasion with all Laval residents, STL transit will also be free on April 28 and 29,” emphasized STL Chairman, Jean-Jacques Beldi�.

For the STL, the extension of the métro’s Orange line was an opportunity to redesign their transit network, with an eye to converging upon the three new metro stations. As a result, 19 bus routes will head to Cartier station, 3 others will make a stop at de la Concorde station, and 14 routes will travel to Montmorency station. Consequently, the STL expanded the number of bus routes from 34 to 40, a 17.6% increase. The number of daily departures will rise to 2166 on weekdays, a 16.7% increase. On weekends, the numbers jump by 24.1% and 23.5% respectively, with 1339 departures on Saturdays and 1224 on Sundays.

Service beginning April 30
On weekdays, during morning and afternoon peak periods, every second train will continue on to the Laval stations, while the others will stop at Henri-Bourassa. By operating this way, the STM can provide as much service as possible to those stations with the highest rush hour ridership. On weekends and holidays, all trains will travel to the Laval terminus.

Thus, the level of service on the 2 – Orange line will increase from 28 to 32 trains during rush hour, and from 12 to 14 trains during off peak periods, with trains running at the same intervals as they currently do.

For passengers, terminus information will appear on the front of the train and audio messages will be heard inside the train at Crémazie and Henri-Bourassa stations. Electronic displays will later be added along station platforms on the 2 – Orange line from Lucien-L’Allier station.

A new fare structure coming into effect on April 30
The TRAM 3 pass will serve as the basic monthly fare for all travel from Cartier, de la Concorde and Montmorency stations. The TRAM 4 to 8 passes as well as validated TRAM tickets for zones 3 to 8 will also be accepted, as they already are in the STM network.

For occasional users, the STM will be selling new, single tickets featuring a Cartier, de la Concorde et Montmorency designation. The regular fare (pale yellow ticket) is set at $2.75, while the reduced fare (pale lilac ticket) is set at $1.75 for students under 18 and seniors aged 65 and over.

Transit user information campaign set for mid-April
Information teams will be on hand in several métro stations, including Henri-Bourassa, Côte-Vertu, Sauvé and Parc, in addition to Henri-Bourassa bus terminus, to distribute information fliers to clients. They will also be called upon to inform passengers inside the new stations in the days following their official opening.

A new ad campaign will also be launched at the same time. Posters featuring the campaign’s visual concept and signature will be installed inside métro cars, along station platforms, next to entrance turnstiles, on many buses, as well as along major highways. All available means of communication will be used.

“The long-awaited opening of these three new métro stations presents a big advantage, on many levels, for our clients, for the STM’s future and for sustainable development,” added Mr. Trudel. “It is also very important to mention the participation of a large number of employees who contributed their knowledge, energy and heart to carry out this complex project.”

“By making its transportation policy public, the government of Québec sent a very clear message last spring. Québec is betting on public transit to improve the environment, public health and the economy. Extending the métro to Laval is the best example of this new direction. Any society that invests in such a project is definitely making a choice for sustainable development,” concluded Joël Gauthier.

In the end, Mr. Trudel reiterated his appreciation for the AMT, particularly “for the quality of the working relationship and cooperation throughout this project. Indeed, the AMT rose to the challenge and for that, we can say “Hats off ! Mission accomplished !”

For more information, transit users are invited to consult the STM, AMT and STL websites at these addresses:,, and

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